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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Welcome to my blog for sharing the CAD drawings (dxf and svg) of ModSynth modules.

My primary motivation for creating these is to print out and use as "patch maps" drawing in lines as the patch cables and drawing the angle of the knobs used in a particular set up. On these I use the notation FR or FL for Full Right rotation and Full Left rotation respectively and often cross out unused plugs and modules.

I have tried to use blocks where I can so that the module drawings are as modular as possible.  Replacing all the knobs in the dxf files should just be a case of replacing the one drawing in the block

I currently only have the modules that I own here but I have just been finding out I can get the other panel layouts in pdf form so should be adding to the list soon.  Creating the pictures has been a case of using a pair of calllipers and making the measurements myself which sometimes is a bit inaccurate I have gone back and realised some of the measurements I have made originally might be out by a mm or so due to parallax error or perhaps the knobs I measured up to were offset a bit on the spindles and as the knobs were turned in different positions the measurements had changed

In any case:
I supply these as a starting point but do not guarantee the accuracy of the drawings.  please make your own measurements if you are using these for cutting your own panels

I'll start with my rack's module layout

Non-Linear Circuits modules covered:
    1) 2x LFO
    2) Dual VCO
    3) Triple Sloths
    4) Giant Bon0
    5) ADSR312
    6) D00f
    7) Brain Custard
    8) Divine CMOS
    9) Bong0
    10) FK1T VCF
    11) Mixer
    12) ARSEq
    13) Primal Hyperchaos
    14) Sly Grogan
    15) Divide & Conquer
    16) Bindubba Sequencer
    17) Resonate
    18) Let's Splosh
    19) Envelope Follower
    20) Triad
    21) Squid Axon
    22) *** Statues (still to come once done)

Other Modules
    1) Mutable Instruments - Rings
    2) mxmxmx - uBurst (Clouds clone)
    3) mxmxmx - uTemps (Temps Utile)
    4) mxmxmx - uo_C (Ornaments and Crime)
    5) Home made - Mult Blend (Passive mult)

Click here for my shared  Vector files folder including the full rack with all modules

Click here for MyRack.svg that contains most but not all of the modules I have covered together

Update:  I have since found that many of the panel artworks are available as pdfs at  I still like to put n the knobs with angle markers and jacks so as to make it as I see it and also the blocks in the CAD (I use qcad) make it really easy to shift things.  I was pleased to be able to get that lovely NLC font though, I'll have to update all the old ones now! ...all in good time.